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Welcome to Deep Calm Foundation




This is your home for Yoga and Aromatherapy, at Deep Calm Foundation we can support your physical and mental health, naturally.

I offer natural aromatherapy candles and other self-care products as well as supportive and empowering yoga classes and events in the Highlands of Scotland, and online.

I began my yoga journey over 15 years ago, and my practice has been invaluable in helping me weather the storms of life. I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between mind and body, studying Psychology at undergraduate and post-graduate level, and I love the way yoga allows us to feel and experience this connection every time we step onto the mat.


Seeking to further deepen and explore my practice I began my teacher training and qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher ready to embark on my next chapter.  I have a passion for supporting and empowering others, especially helping people to connect with themselves more deeply, and to foster healthy, positive relationships with their bodies. I have a doctorate in Public Health and I'm passionate about supporting others on their own personal physical and mental health journeys. 

During the pandemic I began studying for an Aromatherapy diploma, exploring the ways we can use Essential Oils to enhance our physical and mental well-being. I now produce a range of Aromatherapy products, each designed with a specific intention such as helping you relax, or lift your mood, and they additionally feature a meditation or self-care practice you can do at home too.

Yoga and aromatherapy have been a true blessing for me, enhancing my own well-being and allowing me to connect with so many different people and share this experience together.​

Ali x


If you are interested in finding out more abut how yoga and aromatherapy can support you, please do get in touch,
I'd love to hear from you!
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